Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

We get many enquiries about people wanting to cycle the WCW. Here our the most popular questions:

Q: Unfortunately the Sustrans map appears to be out of circulation so I wondered if you had any information we could use particularly related to accommodation.

A:I am sorry to report that until Sustrans have any more funding for a new map, the map is out of print. Please see The Sustrans shop which also details the alternative maps available. These are:

Somerset East Bath and Bristol, Devon, Somerset west

The Cornish way

Q: In your 'kitlist' section you mention needing a mountain bike or hybrid. I've got a sturdy road tourer, which I'm not sure would cope on some of the bumpier sections. Do you think it's possible to tailor the route to make it slightly more road-bike friendly - i.e how much of the route is properly 'offroad'? Or do you think I should just get some sturdy tires?

A: A sturdy road tourer sounds great. Maybe some hybrid tyres that can deal with a certain amount of gravel and grit on the camel and tarka trails. No need to tailor route. None of it is proper off road. Again just slightly gritty and muddy on the paved roads and tracks.

Q: I was wondering how easy it would be to just cycle into a campsite without booking in advance (I plan to go in June, before the summer holiday starts properly)?

A: Very easy. If it's just one tent they will not turn you away, especially if arrived by bike! May get a discount for not having car too. Very satisfying feeling arriving and leaving without car.

Q: Can you tell me what is the best way/most useful website to locate campsites along the way?

A: Check Google for latest listings, and ring campsite before tunring up. Google maps of campsites in Somerset, campsites in Devon, campsites in Cornwall

Q: How do you make sure your bike doesn't get nicked?

A: Take a cable lock with a d lock. And don't leave your pannier bags on display. The more west you go the friendlier it gets!!!

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